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  • Beyond Nature_Organisms Democracy Berlin Osloer Straße

    Since 2019 the wild urban forest in Osloer Straße between No. 107 and No 108 has become the state territory of Organisms Democracy Berlin Osloer Straße. Thanks to a Pflegevertrag with the Green Spaces Department of the City of Berlin all actions on the territory must be fist decided upon in an Organisms Parlament. Here human parliamentarians negotiate on behalf of of the species they represent and democratically pass government resolutions. These are then implemented on in the territory of Organisms Democracy. In the context of the Constitutional Court the current government period is being critically scrutinized.

    State territory of Organisms Democracy Berlin, between Osloer Str. No 107 and No 108, 13359 Berlin Wedding

    press: Stadtmagazin Zitty: Basisdemokratie im Garten


    Open House at Organisms Democracy Berlin Osloer Straße

    1st June 2024

    15.00 Guided tour of the ecosystem: Introduction of citizens and democractic structures

    16.00 – 19.00 Seventh Session of Organisms Parliament: Organisms Representatives concern themselves with imminent conflicts and decide on measures how to proceed as multi species society.

    In cooperation with Organismendemokratie/Organisms Democracy e.V. 

    If you would like to support Organisms Democracy, donations are welcome: Organismendemokratie/Organisms Democracy e.V. IBAN: DE90 8306 5408 0005 2079 08


    We offer guided tours of the state territory between Osloer Str. No 107 and No 108, 13359 Berlin Wedding. Please contact us any time per phone (0049-179-5255802) or per email to make an appointment.

    Entrance of Organisms Democracy Berlin, Osloer Str. 107/108


    18th November 2023 16.00 – 19.00: Artist Lab Species Politics

    Free entrance, registration via email only (limited capacity)
    Bildhauerwerkstatt des BBK Berlin, Osloer Str. 102, 13359 Berlin  

    Organisms Democracy NGO and Club Real invite 6 culture practitioners/activists/ researchers working with diversity among human beings and other species alike, to join an artist lab where we exchange perspectives that aim to dismantle right wing ideologies behind the common call for rights for “nature”. 

    The artists invited have been selected on the basis of their proximity with specific organisms alongside their projects. We would like to suggest an experiment and artistic practice swap, where the guest artists are invited to present a relevant input speaking as a species, and from the point of view of a species in relation to the question: Where does your species relate in the human political spectrum (left center right)?Specific forms of rulership governing the selected species are to be taken into consideration (i.e. Swarm mentality, etc.). We propose to depart from a collection of texts, tales or accounts of the life of species challenging evolutionary thinking towards a complex, richer and non hierarchical understanding of life. 

    Guest artists & organisms:
    Yann Colonna as the Date Palm (Input: Flaws of Contemporary Left Wing Positions)
    Marie Pierre Leroux as the Slime Mould (Input: Coexistence/Symbiosis as Principle of Life)
    Michelle Marie Letelier as the Huiro (Macrocystis pyrifera)
    Marcela Moraga as the Zebra Mussel (Input: Creatures of Contaminated Diversity – Guerilla Actions)
    Georg Reinhardt as the Fire Ant (Input: Ant Pacifism)
    Nat Skoczylas as Lichen (Anarchist Decentralised Forms of Government)
    Marianna Sonneck as the Aphid (Input: Aphid Care)
    Tuire Tuomisto as the Herring (Input: Swarm Mentality)

    Organisms Democracy NGO and Artists Marianna Sonneck & Georg Reinhardt from Club Real will be facilitating the artistic lab, beginning with short statements by the 8 organisms, then we break in small groups based on themes, where members of the audience are invited to contribute from their human perspectives to the interspecies talk. The thematic conversations are fed back into the bigger round and the session ends with a round of final statements by the 8 species. The session will be recorded by Mathias Lenz with the intention to post produce a first podcast episode for Organisms Radio based on the material generated during the evening. The artist lab is curated by Paz Ponce.

    Artists Biographies: Yann Colonna, Marie Pierre Leroux, Michelle-Marie Letelier, Marcela Moraga, Georg Reinhardt, Nat Skoczylas, Marianna Sonneck, Tuire Tuomisto

    From 19h on, everybody is invited to a traditional Glühwein reception in Organisms Democracy Osloer Str. between No 107 and 108

    as part of “Organismendemokratie”! by Organismendemokratie/Organisms Democracy e.V. – funded by Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung

    5th and 6th September 23, 21:00-02:00 Late Summer Festival of Organisms Democracy and first opening of the communications station for the species Monk’s Pepper Tree and homo sapiens.

    Monk’s Pepper featuring in Codex Julianae, 512 a.C.

    More Information in English and in Turkish

    22nd May 2022, 18.00 – 20:00: “”How to be a member of Organismsm Parliament”- meet the species-citizens of organisms democracy and join the debate on topics for the 5th parliament of organisms at the site of Organisms Democracy Berlin Osloer Str. 107/108, 13359 Berlin

    12th June 2022 Guided Tour of Organisms Democracy during the festival Langer Tag der Stadtnatur Berlin – at the site of Organisms Democracy Berlin Osloer Str. 107/108, 13359 Berlin

    18th June 2022, 16.00 – 19.00: Fifth Parliament of Organisms – at the site of Organisms Democracy, Osloer Str. 107/108, 13359 Berlin

    28th August 2021, 4pm -6pm: “Organisms Democracy: Regulatory Regimes” at Osloer Str. between No 107 and No 108, 13359 Berlin. Guided tour with Thomas Hauck, Marianne Ramsay-Sonneck, Georg Reinhardt und Maike Weißpflug

    Tickets here:

    3rd July 2021 – Fourth Day of the Garden Executive in cooperation with the exhibition program cohabitation

    19th June 2021 – Fourth Session of Organisms Parliament in cooperation with the exhibition program cohabitation

    Beyond Nature – Organisms Democracy was funded by the Berliner Senate Department for Culture and Europe, cross-disciplinary funds from 2018 to 2019. In cooperation with Ballhaus Ost, Bibliothek am Luisenbad and brut Wien. With the friendly support of the department for arts, culture and history of Kulturamt Mitte.

    27th September 2020, 11.00 – 14.00: Third Day of the Garden Executive – live on the premises of Osloer Str. 107/108, 13359 Berlin

    12th September 2020, 16.00 – 19.00: Third session of Organisms Parliament live on the premises of Osloer Str. 107/108, 13359 Berlin

    17th May 2020, 11.00 to 14.00: Second Day of the Garden Executive Berlin – Executive members only due to contact regulations, digital documentation here >>> ( Osloer Str. 107/108, 13359 Berlin)

    9th May 2020, 16.00 to 19.30, Second Session of Organisms Parliament Berlin as jitsi meeting and live youtube stream – documentation here: >>> 

    14th December 2019, 16.00 to 19.00: Get together with mulled wine and punch. Guided tours of the state territory, ongoing species partnership counseling, Osloer Str. between N.107and 108, 13359 Berlin, in German and English, free entry

    3rd November 2019 – 20:00 First Session of the Constitutional Court, participative Performance at Ballhaus Ost , Pappelallee 15, 10437 Berlin, in German and English >>>Minutes

    First Session of the Constitutional Court, Ballhaus Ost Foto: Manuel Miethe 2019

    29th September 2019 – starting 11:00 First Day of the Garden Executive Berlin. The decisions taken during the first session of parliament, such as f.i. watering the area and planting 4 species if shrubs as well as a rare fern specimen are carried out by the Garden Executive. Osloer Str. between N.107and 108, 13359 Berlin. in German and English, free entry >>>Agenda >>>Minutes

    members of the Garden Executive, about to carrry out the decision Parliament, Sept. 2019

    8th. September 2019 – starting 16:00 Opening and 1st Session of Parliament of Organisms Democracy Berlin Osloer Str. between N.107 and 108, 13359 Berlin in German and English, free entry >>>Agenda >>>Minutes

    First Parliament of Organisms Berlin Osloer Str. Sept. 2019 Foto: Brygida Kowalska-Nwaimo

    19th June 2019 – 20.00 meeting at Osloer Str. between N. 107 and 108, 13359 Berlin Wedding, Information for future parliamentarians and neighbors

    Solar Panel at the site of Organisms Democracy Berlin, August 2019, Foto: Club Real