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  • Welcome to Organisms Democracy!

    Joseph Jelemani represents the Sycamore Maple Tree at the 1st Session of the Organisms Parliament Berlin. Photo: Brygida Kowalska-Nwaimo

    Newspaper “Free Berlin”, Issue No.10/June 2023, presented in Akademie der Künste Berlin on june 22, 2023 – as part of the parallel program “Macht, Raum, Gewalt!”

    The way democracies can develop and therefore stay alive and relevant is by constantly meeting the demands of enabling participation in politics for Every One. But who is Every One?

    The inclusion of the 2 to 10 million other species of creatures who inhabit planet Earth together with the dominant vertebrate species of homo sapiens into democratically managed power structures was an inevitable and long overdue step.

    Organisms Democracy is a political system in which all power lies with all living beings who inhabit/use a state territory. All living beings are citizens, with the same rights and the same right to political participation.
    Organisms Democracy involves all kinds of living beings inhabiting planet Earth from trees and other plants to vertebrates, invertebrates and fungi, bacteria and viruses.

    The current form of Organisms Democracy presented here is a representative form. All organisms are divided into 7 parliamentary groups (see parliamentary groups LINK) and are represented by humans in the Organisms Parliament.

    Organisms Democracy is not a one and all solution for all problems on Earth and, like any newly started inclusion of oppressed groups into power structures, it may make processes more complicated and decision taking more difficult.
    However, given what is at risk for humans together with all other species in increasingly damaged biospheres – namely their livelihoods – these difficulties seem very manageable and what everyone has to gain is clearly worth the fight: surviving together!