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  • Welcome to the Parliamentary Group of Vertebrates!
    Yes, we are the “sweethearts” in nature conservation and because we are biologically very close to humans – the humans species itself belongs to our group – we are at the top of their popularity list for living beings. In addition, many of us have, more or less involuntarily, allowed themselves to be domesticated and eaten by humans, kept and patronized as domestic animals. But what good does it do the majority of us that 24 billion Chickens, one billion Cattle and Dogs and half a billion Pigs populate the earth as special “friends” of humans? read more Nothing! Participation in politics and democracy for all are therefore our demands and we, as a parliamentary group, bear the responsibility and burden, seeing that we include the “simple citizen” Homo sapiens in our ranks, to be those who in the system of Organisms Democracy not only represent the interests of vertebrates but – since all parliamentary representatives are humans – have to represent all other species as well. To represent the vertebrates in the context of Organisms Parliament therefore means to be able to look empathetically, inclusive and self-critical at the coexistence of all. Come to us, support us by becoming the parliamentary representative of a vertebrate! read less