Organisms Democracy

Augsburg / Wallanlagen

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  • Founding ceremony of Organisms Democracy Augsburg / Rote Tor Wallanlagen in February 2023. For guided tours, workshops for members of parliament and participation at the constituent assembly, please register: 0179 52 55 802 or

    Brecht Festival Augsburg 2023-2025

    Rote Tor Wallanlage Augsburg und Symbol der Fraktion der Gliederfüßer, Club Real 2022

    Rote Tor Wallanlagen Augsburg, CR: City of Augsburg

    A survey of citizens of Rote-Tor-Wallanlagen-Organisms Democracy will be presented here.

    Alder leaf beetle, Vanessa cardui and girdled snail Hygromia cinctella, Club Real 2022