Organisms Democracy

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Fungi Mosses Lichens

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  • Welcome to the Parliamentary Group of Fungi, Mosses and Lichens!
    Of an estimated 2 to 5 million species of fungi on our planet 1 not even 100,000 are known to humans. The other two of our groups, namely mosses and lichens, are even more obscure among the human species. Our daily work to make organic and inorganic matter accessible for renewed absorption by other living beings, as well as our monstrous achievements in supporting almost all plants and their users through root symbioses, is mostly not appreciated and far less rewarded by participating in political decisions about the future of the global ecosystem. read more And even in so-called nature conservation, we are seen as less important than vertebrates, invertebrates and higher plants, for example. We are also affected by climate change, eutrophication, air pollution, industrial agriculture and forestry. And we are congenial system builders who could contribute immensely to creating mutually nourishing and beneficial inter – species relationships. That is why we consider Organism Democracy a promising proposal for a more sustainable future and therefore appeal to all people: Come to us, support us, for example as a parliamentary representative of a mushroom, moss or lichen! read less

    1 Hawksworth DL, Lücking R. 2017. Fungal diversity revisited: 2.2 to 3.8 million species. Microbiol Spectrum 5 (4)