Organisms Democracy

Parliamentary Group:

Neobiota-Newly Established Species

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  • Welcome to the Parliamentary Group of Newly Established Species!
    In German the term „Neobiota” describes species who have spread to new habitats through global human activity, especially since the “discovery” of the Americas by Columbus in 1492. In English there does not seem to be a correlative term – „Invasive Species“ referring only to a certain subgroup of „Neobiota” – so we have decided to name ourselves: „Newly Established Species“. The arrival of a new member to an ecosystem often leads to conflicts in living together. Since these conflicts have increased in recent years and are additionally exacerbated by the climate crisis, the Newly Established Species have been granted a a special mandate in the model of Organisms Democracy as presented here: The 15th seat / 15th vote – in Parliament. read more This seat is drawn from among the Newly Established Species from all 7 groups of organisms. This means, even if no Newly Established Species gets into Parliament by lot within the 7 Parliamentary Groups of living beings / citizens in a legislative period, it is still guaranteed, that our voice – the voice of the often unloved, mostly considered inferior to indigenous species and very often unfairly treated group of organisms – is always heard through the 15th representative who will bring the position and concerns of this group into the debate. Become this 15th representative and fight for the rights of those discriminated against! read less