Organisms Democracy


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  • The foundation charter of an Organisms Democracy is the constitution. The constitutions of the first two Organisms Democracies in Vienna and Berlin were introduced to Organisms Parliaments as a draft,devised by a constituent assembly and adopted as part of the first session of Organisms Parliamen as the founding document. Amendments to these constitutions can be proposed by any representative or parliamentary group, and the respective constitutions stipulate that a 2/3 majority in parliament is required to amend the constitution.

    Constitution of the Organisms Democracy Vienna 2018

    Constitution of the Organisms Democracy Berlin 2019

    The General Declaration of Organisms Rights is based on an idea of the evolutionary biologist Dr. Hannes Anbelang from Helsinki. It was as early as 1907, when Anbelang wrote in his diary that the fight for justice could only be consistently fought if it included all living beings: No organism should be denied the right to a good and free life. The current version was written in 2017 by the Organisms Club Berlin.The General Declaration of Organisms Rights is a postulate with global claims for the future of life on earth. The Viennese and Berlin Organisms Democracies are the first communities to include the ADO in their constitution.

    Declaration of Organisms Rights, Berlin 2017